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Hey, hey, hey! I love Cole! Yes, yes, yes I do!!! lol. He just came over for like 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was lots of fun!!! We watched Remember The Titans, the coolest movie!!! My parents were gone the whole time he was here, so it was cool.

LMAO!!!! I was just talking to Calley (from MSI) and wow, funny stuff. I told her I liked fruits and asked her what kinds she liked and she was all, "Fruits as in apples?" and so I said "Apples are the first things that come to your mind, you perv!" but I was just kidding. Haha it was funny. Also then we talked about the "How Do You Eat Your Reeses?" commercials and said it would be taken totally wrongly if there were, "How Do You Eat Your Banana?" one's. Sick minded people, JEEZ!! LOL!

OMG, everyone read ClaireBearXOXO's journal. It's sooooo sad! She's my cousin and her boyfriend cheated on her, plus she's the cousin who's mom has cancer, and now she's in a fight w/ one of her BFF's. AHHH! My poor Claire, I love you and I'm really, really sorry! If you need to talk, call me. :-*

Okay, thats all for today. Hope everyone is having/had a great day! Luvs. . .
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