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She's alive!!!!

Ladies & gentlemen, Hannah is alive!!! *SCARY MUSIC*..soorrrry, I'm just kinda off the walls tonight. Anywho, I haven't posted in like a YEAR! Well, maybe a week but close enough, right? So today, I thought I was going to just have a nice day of lounging around & relaxation..well, I thought like a retard, I ended up inviting Cole over and in the evening we walked around to those little street shops, ya know that we have in the city, and we also got some ice cream at Ben and Jerry's..YUMALICOUS!!! I was really tired so a lot of the time of "walking" around was me on his back. He's pretty strong, if he can hold big ol' me!!! But, omg, he was being such a little sweetie pie!! He's like, "Hannah, you really look beautiful tonight, but then again you always do." AWWWW! I swear I am like falling in <3 love <3 with this man fjkldajfljkflkjal;kfjasjdflkj thats the best I can explain how I feel about him. Ok, Hannah, enough, enough!

Ya'll know what's a good movie?? Space Jam lolz!! That's Kim & my movie. Yes, we made it, yes, we were in it. Uhh, don't ask, it's an inside joke. Oh gosh! I am really enjoying all my new extra curricular activities (guitar, jazz, ballet). Especially, ballet! My **new** ballet friends and I go out to like Starbucks, or some place after class and we tell everyone we're dancers--EEE! it's fun, fun, fun!!!!!!! OMG, its terrible though, I have not seen any of my gymnastics buddies since I quit! AHHH! I love them and Ali is my bestest friend ever (well her and linds!). UGH UGH UGH I will call that woman TOMORROW! Mmkay, thats about it! LUVS! Comment please!!! ADIOS!
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