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The Real World

Hey! Right now it's commercials and I'm watching The Real World, one of my favorite shows! I didn't forget this time, Linds! WOO HOO!!!!! I feel sorry, for Nicole but, she is such a bitch to the guys. I decided I only like the guys on TRW *The Real World* and Lori. It seems like Nicole's trying to become Coral, and it's bugging me!! Rachel is kind of quiet, but she's sort of annoying. You know what else, Kevin's really hott! He looks like someone I know, but I can't put my finger on who it is.

Mm, blueberries are nummy! Yeah, okay then! lol. GUESS FRICKIN WHAT!!!!!!! My ballet instructor said I was def. good enough to be in pointe now. YESSSSS! I'm sooo happy. So I take pointe every Mon, Wed, and Fri. But then I have regular ballet on Tues & Thurs. And on Saturday's I will have jazz. I had to quit guitar lessons with Jeff :(, but my dad is going to still teach me some stuff here and there. That's cool!

LoL, I ordered delivery chinese food at 9:50 PM. It's not here yet though :( :( Ahhhhhh!!! Cole and my 3 month anniversary is in 11 days! It seems like just a bit ago we had our 2 month!

Well I'm gonna go! <3Hannah<3
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