Hannah (alwaysurbaybee) wrote,

Ahh, I've been forgetting to post!

Hey! I've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to post very much. I'm sucha loser, it was a Friday night and I sat around watching Clueless, talking on AOL & eating left over speghetti. Ahh! Well, it was good speghetti anyways. lol, loser I am! Well, atleast I did stuff during the day. First, I had ballet. yay! I'm gonna have to reschedule classes when school starts because I can't cut classes for ballet. lol. Also, afterwards I went to eat sushi with my baby, Cole-o!!! Yayayay. Then, I went back to his house. Which I had a very nice time at :) Quite a good amount of making outage. lol.

After all this, I had jazz. I missed my last jazz dance class so now I am a bit behind! Wahh :( Gosh, this guy is so weird (Tyler) he's like, "Don't say anything until I say you can, OK?!" and I'm just like, "umm, alright..."

AHHH! DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT TOMORROW IS?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! Cole & my anniversary! 3 months together! Wait, it is tomorrow, so technically we have been together for three months now! yay, where's the confetti? uhh, lol! Sorry, I'm vewy, vewy hyper! kfjlkd;ufkl;sk;ljfs

Aww, tomorrow my mommy is leaving for Los Angeles to visit one of her really good friends who moved away there from Arizona about 15 years ago. I mean, my mom's seen her since she moved and everything, but yeah, she's just visiting plus my mom needed a vacation. She better get me some stuff from Fred Segal! Hehe. She usually gets me stuff when she goes on trips. Ahh, I love her, but just sometimes she can be a pain in my pretty ass (lol, atleast Cole seems to think its pretty..lmao..).

Hmm, what else should I talk about? I think, my old best bud, Daniella, is coming up sometime soon. (She moved away to Boston, last year I think). I was going to visit her this month, but she wants to see all her old friends and she said I can come up sometime during winter break or something like that. Sometime early on next year anyways! I love Boston. I haven't been there in quite a while. Oh, well atleast I went somewhere this summer! Also, Lindsey & her family are probably taking me to the beach with them sometime next week. Lindsey's also going to take Christy & her best friend from iceskating, Kaity. Kaity's really awesome & I love love love my Christy! Hehe.

Well, I'll stop babbling. I'm just going to surf around the web & livejournal and talk to losers like me that are on this late. :) eh, I'll sleep in tomorrow or something. Luv ya'll so very much! Someone comment or something! Thanks lots. Byebyebye! :o)
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