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alwaysurbaybee's Journal

13 March
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Hey!!! Hannah here. I looovvveeee to do dance (jazz & ballet)!!! I have just started doing jazz and I am in intermediate for ballet. Also, I am starting to learn the guitar. I just quit gymnastics, I had been doing it for atleast 10 years. I was in level 9. I still like to do flips, and whatnot here and there, but I got really fed up with gym and everything previously. I also love to shop! I love to shop for anything, clothes, makeup, shoes, bags, jewelry, accesories, you name it!!! I am in love with the broadway shows, Rent and Aida. I loovveee Adam Pascal, he is incredibly good looking and amazingly talented!!! I hope he doesn't stop being in Aida in January!! Also, I live in New York City!!! I love it here. Yeahhh, ooh, I also have a great boyfriend, his name's Cole!!! He's sooo great. I also love all my friends dearly, friends mean the most to me. That and family. I am close with a lot of my family, my aunt, who I'm close to, happens to have cancer. It's really hard for my family and I, but I'm trying to live through it!!

Okay, I am willing to be friends with & get along with just about anyone. So, you can comment me anytime, I don't bite, and anyone can add me to their friend's list!!! I love having friends on here. Ok, that's all for now, enjoy reading my lovely journal!!!
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