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Nice day!

Today it was like 100 freaking degrees out! AHHH! But, I went and saw a movie. It was nice in the air conditioned theater. I saw The Princess Diaries. It was sooo cute! Erik Von Detton is soooo hot! Mandy Moore isn't that bad of an actress either. I saw it with Cole and Sam. Sam hadn't really talked to Cole before now, I mean they've met and all, but never really said more than "hi, how are you?". She thinks he's really, really cool and she thinks he's pretty good looking aswell. Hehe, she's like, "Hannahhhhh, you always get the good ones!" Aww, I love her. I haven't done too much with her this summer. I really need to do something with Kinsie sometime soon too..

Anywho, after the movie we all went back to Sam's for a couple hours. We had fun, just hung out, talked, watched TV, that shitttt.

Agh, I don't know what else to post about, so I'm just gonna say good night! Adios amigos! :)
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