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Yuck, there was hair on the key board. Anywho...today was a good day!!! I met Lindsey's (my best friend ever!)boyfriend from camp. His name is Zack. He's really cool, a sweetie, aswell as a hottie with a capital H! lol. He's staying with his friend, Andy, here. Andy's pretty cool too! Andy, Zack and I all went to Linds' house today and hung out all day long. Cole also came over for a couple hours before football. Fun stuff. Andy was sort of a loner for awhile, haha.

Then later this evening my mom and I went to Shun Lee (chinese!! Erin!) for dinner. Ugh, my mom is soo annoying. She is still bugging me about quitting gymnastics. That was like a month ago! Jeezus. She's proud of me doing ballet and all, but she thinks I still regret quitting gymnastics. Um, no! I am perfectly happy doing dance and guitar. Which I actually played tonight, I love playing my guitar. I haven't done it in awhile.

Anyways, I better go. It's pretty late, and I'm tired. I think, I have a big day tomorrow. So 'night everyone! <3 much!!! *muah* :o)
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