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okay so Aaron and I used to be best friends, then he went out with this younger girl, Taryn, and I knew he was using her because she was like the only girl who wanted him, lmao. So I yelled at him for using her, because you know that's no way to treat a girl, and we got in this huge fight so now we basically hate eachother.

Well, he calls me today outta nowhere and says (ahh, he's sooo immature and lame..) "Jake & I wanted to remind you you're a bitch. You're hot, but you're still a bitch. And personality DOES count in life, you can't get everything you want by your looks." man, that is SO something he would say. Anyways he got on IM and this is how our conv. went..
SWeEtLuVa246: WTF is your problem, AARON?!
Aaron: what? i kinda complimented ya

SWeEtLuVa246: Oh shut the fuck up. "Looks aren't everything"
Aaron: right!
Aaron: thats a good thing
Aaron: grls like it when i say that
SWeEtLuVa246: Yeah, I know, Aaron. Looks aren't everything. Boobs are though, right? Oh wait, that's just you're opinion.
A: shut up hannah!
SWeEtLuVa246: What? Can't stand the truth. Well you better start standing it, Aaron, face the facts. This is the real world, not a place where you can just fuck with girls and think you can always make up for it by pretending you never did anything.
A: when did i pretend i never did anything
SWeEtLuVa246: Taryn tells me these things. You call her a bitch and then the next time you talk to her, "what? when did I say that? I would never say that to you."
A: taryn's a fag
A: she lies
SWeEtLuVa246: A fag? Now, that is not an appropriate word. Especially to use in this context.
A: hannah it means more then bein gay
SWeEtLuVa246: Umm, not really. It's just not a nice word in general, I don't care what it means! OK?!
A: fine god
SWeEtLuVa246: Thank you.
SWeEtLuVa246: Anything else you'd like to bitch to me about? Because what you say, doesn't exactly hurt my feelings. You're not important to me anymore. Sorry, if that sounds rude, but we are definately not FRIENDS anymore. You totally messed that up.
A: i dont care

A: youre a bitch
SWeEtLuVa246: Hmm..thanks.
A: n/p
SWeEtLuVa246: Aaron, I'm sorry, but you're pretty pathetic.
A: koo thanks
SWeEtLuVa246: Yeah, sure. Whatever!
A: whatever like i am such a loser and a valley girl.
SWeEtLuVa246: Yeah, I know you are ;)
A: fuck u bitch
SWeEtLuVa246: Excuse me?! No. Do NOT speak to me like that.
A: i'll do whatever i fuckin please so shut the fuck up you bitch
SWeEtLuVa246: I am on the verge of blocking you.
A: go ahead i dont give a fuck
SWeEtLuVa246: Alrighty then.

Jeeezzzzuuuussss, he is sooooo rude! God.
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