Hannah (alwaysurbaybee) wrote,

My 3rd day at school..i think, lol!

Hey everybody! How's it shakin? This was how my day at school went, lol...
Homeroom: Eh, we read announcements. I talked to Michael a lot, he said Kevin really likes Lindsey. GOOD. What's up with guys touching my butt? Before class started they kept pinching it, ugh. Maybe I had some sort of sign on my ass that said, "TOUCH ME" lol!
Math: We got our review quiz grades back. I got a low B. Wow. Aren't I intelligent! Hah, during the summer I forget everything. But yeah, math was sort of fun. Sam and I kept getting in trouble with the teacher though, us talkers! Haha.
Social Studies: LoL, this was pretty fun. We're making this newspaper thingy. Funnn. But, this teacher's really sweet, so we can talk all the time. yay. I was like, "Tyler, I'm mad at you!" and I go, "WHOEVER WANTS TO KNOW WHY I'M MAD AT TYLER, COME HERE" so a bunch of people came, lol tards, and I was like, psttpsttjflkjskjsj and said a bunch of..nothing. He looked really sad that I was mad though, aww. poor baby! :( But I told him what I told everyone and went on and did it to Miles. Haha.
English: Gay and boring. BLA.
Spanish: Ahh, I suck at Spanish!! Justin kept, jokingly, insulting me in Spanish. Ass. haha. Kevin and Lindsey are together in this class, OOOOOH. Heh ;)
Lunch: We slept. lol, I swear we just rested our heads on the tables and slept. It was great.
Bio Chemistry: This class is too hard for my small brain. The teacher hates me. Enough fcking said!
Gym: Thanks goodness we have gym last period so we don't have to walk around being all smelly and stuff. We had to run a mile. I got 7 minutes, go me! Hehe.

After school I had jazz and tap at my new dance studio. YAW! It kicks ass, the people are so talented and so so so sweet. I love it here. We also have this cafe thang there, it kicks. :-D 'Night everyone.
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